"With Bretts guidance, I have been able to find a great balance between recovery, fitness, rest, and relaxation. My energy levels and my motivation to increase my fitness has increased 10 fold. Not only have I had to change my entire wardrobe and buy all smaller clothes, but I have totally changed the way I shop for food as I am now always aware of buying local, nutrient dense food, and avoiding anything processed. I am now very mindful of my nutrition and see food as a form of energy to fuel my body and mind for optimal health. I no longer feel bloated and my functional fitness has drastically improved. I can now carry heavy boxes, heavy grocery bags, and run up stairs without being short of breath.

I would describe Brett as supportive, very responsive, positive, understanding , sensitive, readily available and easy to contact, and genuinely interested in working with me to accomplish my health goals. I would recommend him to anyone looking to seek support for change in nutrition, fitness, and overall well being and health.
I have learned valuable information from Brett to guide me to make positive choices with my nutrition, fitness, and overall well being. -MF"

" My doctor’s appointments have gone from a hour long lecture to a few minutes..."keep doing what you are doing". Very satisfying. Thanks Brett. Jeff

"When I first started working with Brett I feel that I had a lot of knowledge about nutrition. I generally understood what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. What I lacked were the practical consistent habits and skills to make sure that the knowledge I had was actually incorporated into my life.

Over Brett's six month nutrition program he gave me many strategies to consistently take charge of my daily nutrition and fitness. Brett was a great listener and really worked with me to focus on how I could remain in control of my daily nutrition while balancing the demands of a hectic work life, family responsibilities and even special social events. Brett was encouraging, available and empathetic. He truly understands how to make you accountable, but always emphasizes the positive.

When I began working with Brett I had some misconceptions about calorie counting and weight loss in general. Through Brett's gradual series of lifestyle changes I was able to complete we transform my approach to my daily food intake. I learned a much more natural and healthy approach to eating. I felt empowered when at age 42 I was able to lose 6% body weight while continuing to progress physically with 6 or 7 demanding workouts per week! Thanks Brett for your patience and positivity!" - SP

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